Friday, September 25, 2009

The Road To Success Is Paved By The Deeds Of Many Hands

Well after a long hiatus, this is Detective Dallas Holden returning to tend my blog. A lot has transpired since I last sat here at my desk tickled the keys, namely S.C. Lang's first novel, Original Sin has been released to the general public. This is very exciting news since yours truly here is the main character of Original Sin.
Now, I could rant about the book's plot and how it follows me through my first homicide case, and I just might do that in another blog, but for the moment I want to talk about something else.
I want to talk about a lesson S.C. Lang is experiencing very strongly at the moment. Well, perhaps lesson isn't the right word here. He's not actually learning anything he didn't know, he's just seeing it from a more personalized point of view. I know, I've probably lost you all by now, right? Well don't worry kiddies, I'm about to explain.
My old partner, and father-in-law, Stu Hubble once told me that the road to success is paved by the deeds of many hands. Kind of a cool saying, don't you think? Yeah, I do to. But, you may be asking, what does it mean? It means this; nobody gets where they want to go alone. Others are always involved. Lang's situation is no different - other people are helping him get to where he wants to go. What makes me proud to be the star of Original Sin, however, is the fact that Lang understands this concept, and is very grateful to everyone who has reached out and lent him a helping hand. For example, many of his old high school friends, such as Beck, Stejskal, Laurie, Tonia, Karen, Leah and a host of others, have bought Original Sin, and have promoted his work on their Facebook pages. These people are exposing Original Sin to other people and a buzz is beginning to spread about Lang.
Another example is Cory Lockwood of 88.5 Harvard Radio who has offered to put Lang on the air and let him ramble on about Original Sin. How cool is that?
Lang understands that without these people he would be nowhere. And without all these special people lending him such a helping hand, how would anybody ever read what an amazing adventure my first homicide case was? I don't know either. I shudder at the thought that people would miss out on discovering who I am. See, a shiver just ran right through me. Kinda freaks me out when that happens.
Teamwork is a true miracle. It shows people at their very best. I know that I couldn't do my job as a cop without a heavy dose of teamwork, and Lang simply couldn't do what he does without teamwork either. It gladdens my heart to see these people helping Lang out, he really is a decent guy. Okay, so he can be an ass when his writing gets interrupted, and he really doesn't handle it well when the Los Angeles Dodgers drop a game, but who am I to judge? I'm a Chicago Cubs fan, I'm used to disappointment from my team. At least the Bears have Cutler this season and might just make it to the post season without buying a ticket this time.
Anyway, I have a small mountain of paperwork I need to get through, so I should wrap this bad boy up. I just want to take a moment to give all of you my heartfelt thanks for supporting Lang and his novel, Original Sin. I know that I can come off as a little too light-hearted sometimes, but I really appreciate the efforts you guys are putting forth to help ensure Lang's ultimate success. Whether he becomes the next-big-thing or not isn't the point, and he and I both know it. By doing what you good people are doing, you are showing Lang what you think of him, and I know how much that means to the man. So, thank you.
Until the next time I decide to tickle these keys, this is Detective Dallas Holden signing off. You all be good to each other out there. I'll be watching if you don't - and I have a licence to kill.

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